Our Classes

We Teach Piano, Voice and Guitar. We offer Violin on request.

Types of Classes

We have structured our courses to suit everyone interested in music:

  • Play for Fun
  • Play for Exams
  • Play your Favourites
  • Play Again – our refresher program is tailored to wherever you left off


We teach the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB), syllabus including:

  • Piano - students learn a selection of pieces by the greatest composers from Baroque to the 20th century and contemporary music from the AMEB syllabus, Preliminary to Grade 8 and post-graduate levels
  • Piano for Leisure - Students choose from classical, modern and jazz and film scores from the AMEB syllabus
  • Musicianship and Theory
  • Modern Music for Leisure - Students learn songs from contemporary musicians, Billy Joel, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Eva Cassidy


  • Our teachers are highly skilled musicians and performers.
  • Kate uses a classical approach to singing encompassing all vocal styles as a means to achieve healthy and efficient singing at all ages. Kate believes classical training is fundamental, particularly in young voices as it encourages singing with ease.


  • We have several guitar teachers. Most teach contemporary guitar. The focus is on an approach that includes: string and chord identification, finger picking, tab reading, music theory and repertoire.

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Kate and Sienna

Our Teachers

We Teach Piano, Voice and Guitar. We offer Violin on request.

ESPT Dates for 2017

Term begins on the Monday 30th of January.

Term 1 30th Jan - 9th Apr 10 weeks
Term 2 24th Apr - 2nd Jul 10 weeks
Term 3 17th Jul - 24th Sept 10 weeks
Term 4 9th Oct - 17th Dec 10 weeks