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Call Australian Piano Warehouse as your first port of call. Their phone number is: 02 9417 3088

Australian Piano Warehouse have selected from their catalogue for ESPT, 3 excellent digital pianos that are recommended for students starting out on their musical journey.

  • Yamaha PSRE363 Portable Keyboard
    Fun for young beginners
    Begin keyboard or piano with this light weight, small, and touch response keyboard. Hook it up to a computer and compose your own music or experience the sounds of different instruments and styles. Ideal for young children as they begin their musical journey. Cultivate your child’s interest and appreciation of music for $269
  • Casio PXS1000 Portable Piano
    Slim, Stylish and Sophisticated
    Students of all ages will love this exciting new weighted keyboard. Perfect for the beginner, it feels like a piano to play without the need for tuning or a lot of space. Use the Chordana app to make learning interactive and fun. This is the piano of the future. Exceptional value at $979 (optional stand + pedal bundle also available)
  • Roland LX705 Digital Piano
    A touch of class
    The Roland LX series uses cutting edge technology to give you a deluxe playing experience like no other. For the intermediate and advanced student, It inspires the player to enjoy music with its award winning design and authentic tonal richness. If you want the next best thing to a quality acoustic piano, this is it. Experience this beautiful instrument and the musical memories it will create. Excellent value for $3,895

For acoustic piano advice and recommendations, please call Australian Piano Warehouse on (02) 9417 3088 or email Store Manager, Katherine Ly -

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Our preferred suppliers of pianos and digital pianos. Make sure you mention ESPT!

Call on (02) 9417 3088. or visit their store at 285 Penshurst St, North Willoughby.

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